We’re about seeking balance in an unbalanced world.

About CFCB

We think that our society tends to encourage us to behave in extremes and that balance is a concept often lost in the resulting turmoil. Seeking to achieve greater balance in all aspects of life has been and continues to be our guiding principle.

The Center For Creative Balance was for many years the private mental health practice of both Jim Wells, MD, and Libba Wells, MSN, RN, CS. With the passage of time, Libba has now retired from providing mental health services; and Jim has only a very limited psychiatric practice. No longer needing all our office space and group-therapy space, we have developed two personal retreat spaces that we make available through Airbnb.

We continue to seek balance in our own lives and desire to contribute where and when possible to greater balance in our community and beyond.


Our former group-therapy space is now our Cabin Retreat available through Airbnb.


The top two floors of our office have now become our Treetop Retreat available through Airbnb.


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